For employers

What we do

We recruit top- and middle-rank professionals.

How we do it

Our standard recruitment practice is based mainly on direct search. We utilize our own solutions that we apply in this field. We have been developing them over the nearly past ten years. We know how to find the best managers and specialists — and how to succeed in convincing them to change their job. The selection stage involves a competency behavioural interview and a reference check. In addition to that, we make use of the knowledge offered by experts who work with us, we organize tests and apply case studies in our practice. That’s why we are confident to say that we offer the best human resources available in the market at a given time. All of our projects are managed in line with the latest talent acquisition know-how. We act on the basis of facts, not intuition. Our practice is based on a reliable methodology drawing from science.

Our specialization

Our consultants are experienced in searching for presidents, managing directors, and managers of particular departments, as well as experts, and specialists. These talent search projects have been carried out for such business areas as engineering, manufacturing, logistics or purchasing. Almost all of our clients are manufacturing companies. The completed recruitment projects have let us fathom internal processes based on lean management. Our clients can expect to be offered a comprehensive set of services, which is why apart from recruiting for industry, we keep a sharp lookout for e.g. sales or finance professionals on a regular basis.

What makes us stand out?

  • our original direct search method lets us reach a greater number of jobseekers than most of our competitors
  • knowledge management – apart from offering top-class applicants, we also provide extensive information concerning the context of a given recruitment process The reporting system we use is a guarantee of a thorough control over the managed projects and offers reliable, honest applicant profiles. We are also ready to provide you with useful insights concerning the labour market we search applicants in
  • we make every project come successfully to an end, even if it requires reaching out to a particularly large number of applicants – our “long lists” include usually several hundred names


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