OPTIVO consulting specializes in recruitment of top and middle level positions. Based on our experience and applied methodology we offer our recruitment service especially when:
- it is extremely difficult to find the right person and traditional sources of the candidates (e.g. job ads) are not sufficient
- assessment of the qualifications of the candidates requires special knowledge and high interviewing skills
- a recruitment project needs to be confidential

Our experience includes search and selection of board members, managing directors, department managers and experts/specialists. The projects were carried out in different industries, notably engineering, production, logistics, finance and banking, marketing and IT.

The basic recruiting method is direct search. We have worked out our own solutions that have been developed through past couple of years. We know how to find and successfully convince the best employees in the market to change their working environment. During the selection process we use knowledge of experts cooperating with us, we apply tests and competency based interviews, we check references, so we are confident to say, that we provide the best candidates available on the market at the time. All projects are accomplished with proper attention to details. We base our judgments on facts, not on intuition. We apply scrupulous approach to our work.

Apart from exceptional candidates we also provide our clients with profound knowledge of the labour market. The reporting system that we use gives your company accurate control over the recruitment process and reliable description of the applicants. It also delivers very useful information about the market, on which we search for the candidates.

After accomplishment of the recruitment we evaluate the selection part of the project by re-assessment of the competences of the chosen candidate.